New York State and Bermuda Lions Foundation, Inc.

Foundation Committees





Chair               Fred Rieger

Vice Chair       Michael Bryceland

DG  To be Determined


Chair               Larry Sanford

Vice Chair       Joe DeFina

Chuck Switzer

Amado Sy

Alvin Brereton


Chair               Forest Shaner

Vice Chair       Jim Shaw

George McManus

Rick Allabaugh

Clarence R.A. Higgins


Long-Range Planning

Chair               Ed Stano

Vice Chair       Rick Battaglia

Carol Perry

Linda Rhinehart




Chair               Mike Bhuiyan

Vice Chair       Joan Scott

Judy Rohtla

Medadie Sy

Skip Meinhold


Policy Manual/By-Laws

Chair               Kerry Brown

Vice Chair       Steve Moskowitz

John Wargo

Marlin Nohle

Frank Bartolotti


Public Relations

Chair               Bob Jensen

Vice Chair       Judy MacKnight

Mary Ellen Brown

Algernon Rowe

Norm Alpren

Richard Ernst