FAQ – Facts and Questions
1. When was the New York State & Bermuda Lions Foundation founded?
The delegates at the Multiple District Convention in Long Island approved the Foundation in 1993. The Speech Camp at Camp Badger and the Foundation are the only two approved state projects. This means that all Lions Clubs are required to support the activities of each program. This includes financial support.
2. What is the mission of the New York State & Bermuda Lions Foundation?
The primary function of the Foundation is to provide funds to clubs and districts for projects beyond their capability through grant requests approved by the Foundation Board of Trustees. To obtain funds, the Foundation conducts various fund raising programs. These include the Robert J. Uplinger Distinguished Service Award Program, the annual raffle, the contributing member and contributing club programs.
3. Who was Robert J. Uplinger?
Lion Robert J. Uplinger was a Past International President and a
member of the Syracuse Host Lions Club. He served as the 55th International President in 1971-72. Lion Bob was an energetic and devoted Lion who devoted himself to promoting and advancing Lionism in Multiple District 20 and the world. He served our Association with outstanding distinction and was the first recipient of the award given in his name. He served for many years as the Co-Chair of Lions Day at the United Nations. For his dedicated service he received numerous honors and awards.
4. What is the Robert J. Uplinger Distinguished Service Award?
Established in 1993, the award honors outstanding Lions, non-Lions and organizations that perform exemplary service to the Club, District or Community. These honorees possess the highest examples of Lionistic character, ideals, purpose and service. The award cannot be purchased by an individual-it must be presented as a club or districts recognition of the recipient’s service.
5. How is the award acquired?
To acquire an award, a Club or District must donate $300 to the New York State & Bermuda Lions Foundation in the name of the recip-ient. When a Club or District purchases 3 raffle tickets they are like-wise entitled to a Robert J. Uplinger Distinguished Service Award. The recipient will receive a personalized engraved plaque, congratulatory letter, and handsome lapel pin.
6. How is the New York State & Bermuda Lions Foundation governed?
The Foundation operates under its own Constitution and By-laws. It is not part of or under the jurisdiction and control of MD-20. The Foundation is governed by a Board of Trustees (3 elected from each district) and two ex-officio members. The ex-officio members are the President of the Md-20 PDG Association and a representative elected by the Council of Governors. The Trustees elect four officers (President, Vice-President, Secretary, Treasurer) and three Executive Board members annually. The Trustees are elected to a three-year term with 1/3 of the Board elected each year. The Board meets four times each year and holds their Annual Meeting at the Multiple District Convention. Every Lion in good standing in MD-20 is a member of the Foundation.
7. What is the Foundation Grants Program?
The Foundation provides financial grants for the following pur-poses: Humanitarian Service, Vocational Assistance, Operational Needs, and Emergency Aid. These grants make it possible for a Club or District to undertake worthy projects that would otherwise be beyond their means. The grants program is our “service multiplier.”
8. How can you and your club give financial support to the Foundation?
  a. The Lions/Lioness/Leos Foundation Members Club: For a contribution of $100 a club can become a Foundation Member Club. A banner patch will be sent to each contributing club. A banner chevron will be given in recognition of subsequent contributions of $100.
  b. The Lions/Lioness/Leos Contributing Member: By making a tax-deductible contribution of $20 an individual Lion, Lioness or Leo will become a contributing member. A handsome lapel pin will recognize each contributing member.
  c. Robert J. Uplinger Distinguished Service Award Program: A club or district by making a $300 contribution to the Foundation in the name of a deserving Lion, non-Lion or community organization will receive a plaque, pin and congratulatory letter in the name of the recipient.
  d. Annual Foundation Contribution: Each year the Foundation asks Lions Clubs and our members for $100 contributions to support our grant program to Lions Clubs in MD-20. By contributing three (3) times ($300), a Club or individual Lion can earn the privilege to designate a Robert J. Uplinger (RJU) Award, which can be presented to a deserving Club member, non-Lion or community organization that embodies the Lions spirit of “We Serve”. Since the Foundation is an official MD-20 (state) project, a club may use activity funds to make these contributions. At the annual MD-20 convention, contributing Clubs and individuals for that year will be eligible to receive incentive awards from the Foundation
  e. Planned Giving Program: Upon request, the Foundation will provide information to individuals, clubs or organizations that wish to make a will bequest or planned gift. Please seek the services and advice of a qualified attorney or tax adviser if you are considering a planned gift or will bequest to the New York State and Bermuda Lions Foundation.